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viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

BRUTE FORCZ East European Tour 2016

California based wrestler's heavy metal band Brute Forcz going to Eastern Europe!

Roadmaster Booking is proud to announce the first European tour of the American Heavy Metal Trio BRUTE FORCZ. The tour aim to promote their releases ‘Kick Ass Heavy Metal’, ‘Out for Blood’ and the recent EP ‘Brute Forcz’.

Below the tourdates:

11/Nov Osijek (CRO) Exit
12/Nov Djakovo (CRO) King
13/Nov Banja Luka (BOS) Jelen Pub “DTA”
14/Nov Tuzla (BOS) Bunt *
15/Nov Smederevo (SER) OKC Svetlost *
16/Nov Nis (SER) Black Stage Caffe*
17/Nov Pozarevac (SER) KB *
18/Nov Sombor (SER) Kafana u sokaku *
19/Nov Krusevac (SER) Zamajac
20/Nov Burgas (BUL) Bar Bez Ime **

* with My Funeral(SWE)/Angry Again(CH)
**with Inflict(BUL)/Slave Pit(Bul)

+BRUTE FORCZ (Heavy Metal/USA – Sliptrick Records) Kiss-Ass heavy metal hailing from Los Angeles, California. The band was formed by ex-pro wrestlers Slammer (Drums) and Jammer (Bass/Vocals) with Tim Thomas on Guitar and are influenced by Motorhead, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Kiss & more.

With one album under their belt entitled ‘Out For Blood’ featuring their debut single ‘Sex Machine’, and a number of prestigious support slots including WASP, Michael Schenker, Loudness, Joey Belladonna & more, the band really are set to take the world by Forcz.a

Ukrainian Power Metallers DEFIANT to Release 'Time Isn't Healing' in November

Ukrainian Power Metal quintet DEFIANT will release sophomore full-length album Time Isn't Healing November 25. The album's title track is streaming here:

Since its formation in 2008, DEFIANT's mission has been to enthrall fans with a brand of power metal that is as muscular as it is melodic. DEFIANT went on to release no less than three EPs and 2012's full-length debut Masquerade, collectively laying the groundwork for what can only be called its magnum opus: Time Isn't Healing. The crunching riffs and soaring leads of guitarist Andrey Turkovsky blend seamlessly with the epic, often breathtaking keyboard work of Victoria Terzieva, while Stanislav Proshkin's gritty yet tuneful vocals offer a captivating stamp of distinction. The clanging bass lines of Oleg Yakovlev and airtight drumming of Eugeniy Smolin form a robust rhythmic foundation.

But it's the quality and consistency of the songwriting that is perhaps most impressive about the new album. Whether the up-tempo power metal pummel of "Milestones of Time" or the mid-tempo elegance of "According to the Acts," Time Isn't Healing sinks the hooks in deep and keep the listener in a state of rapt attention from beginning to end.

Fans of HELLOWEEN, RAGE, and similar icons of the genre are strongly encouraged to give this one a spin.

Album teaser video:
Album artwork by Mayhem Design.

Track Listing:

1. Strom (Intro)
2. Milestones in Time
3. The Jericho
4. Funeral Feast
5. Time Isn't Healing
6. According to the Acts
7. The Dream
8. Don't Trust the Words
9. The Truth and the Lie
10. The Grief
11. Soul is Burning
12. The Eagle

BALFOR signed with Drakkar Productions. New album early in 2017

Ukrainian Barbaric Black Metal horde BALFOR joined the ranks of cult French record label Drakkar Productions. New album to be released early in 2017!

BALFOR states: “After a long wait we can finally present the new label. BALFOR signs a worldwide deal with French Drakkar Productions. We're happy to be part of this legendary team and look forward to a fruitful cooperation. New album will be released in early 2017. More news to follow..."

Balfor is a Ukrainian Black Metal band from Kyiv featuring Khors, Raventale and ex-Hate Forest members. The band plays a style that can be to define as Barbaric Black Metal, a name that only partly explains the kind of dark, dramatic music they play. Music that is an epic, melodic and a blastingly fast mixture of Black and Death Metal.

Band's frontman, continuously since its founding, is Anton Thorgeir Prymak - lead vocals, guitars and as well as main composer.
The first album “Volki Severa” was released by German label E.O.L.P. Production and received many good reviews. Meantime, band completed their first Ukrainian tour.
Next release “Pure Barbaric” in a move calculated to bring Balfor to the attention of a much larger audience was released for free download via a net-label. It was a move that was extremely successful in terms of increasing interest to the band. Using the resources and capabilities of social media Balfor manages to attract new listeners worldwide.

Writing a new album “Barbaric Blood” Balfor signed a contract and publishes it on Pulverised Records.  European tour in support of the album was very successful. The band played shows in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Balfor also take a part on such well-known European metal festivals like: Eindhoven Metal Meeting (NL), Rockmaraton (HU), Dong Open Air (DE), Global East (UA), Metal Heads Mission (UA), Kilkim Zaibu (LT), Gothoom (SK), Carpathian Alliance (UA), Metal Crowd (BEL), etc.

After that “Barbaric Blood” was released by CD-Maximum Records for CIS and Baltic countries under the license of Pulverised Records.

Second European tour Balfor shared in the company of black metal bands Emptiness and Christ Agony.

Without dwelling on the achievements Balfor returned to Kyiv and recorded the EP “Haralds Of The Fall”.

And new album “Black Serpent Rising” was recorded shortly in 2015 and is awaiting release. Album interprets dark, barbaric past of humanity and ancient cults.
Having huge experience of live shows, impressive list of club shows and festivals. Band used widely social media platforms and has fan-base all around the world.
Balfor is a worthy representative of Ukrainian and East European metal scene.

NORTHERN CROWN Bring the Doom with "Les Autres"

Florida Doom Metal force NORTHERN CROWN in conjunction with Metal Underground are proud to announce the premiere of "Les Autres," a track from forthcoming album The Others. Stream it at the link below.

NORTHERN CROWN will release of full-length debut album The Others on October 14. Following 2014's critically acclaimed EP In the Hands of the Betrayer, the new album from NORTHERN CROWN is stretching out to new heights, with emphasis on the rock organ and a less rigid approach to the genre.

Pre-order: clic here

Check out another new track, "With Malicious Eye," at the following link:

Main songwriter and guitarist Zachary Randall notes that "this is easily the most personal art I've ever created, both musically and lyrically." The care and attention to detail have refined the songs, creating real character and vision. NORTHERN CROWN is the sound of realization and reaction, with a touch of smoke and mirrors. Equal parts austere and ostentatious, but heavy all the way through.

Vocalist/guitarist Frank Serafine notes, "we know what we're good at now, and focused more on bringing out those performances from each other." The long-running title track, recalling a quote from philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, is sure to be another enthralling critical favorite.

Serafine summons a heady blend of his influences, such as Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, Roy Khan, and Jorn Lande, for his performance. Former NORTHERN CROWN founding member Leona Hayward returns to the fold, rounding out the rhythm section with a heavy Steve Harris/Geezer Butler-inspired attack. Drummer Josh Brown is guided by the rule of elegant simplicity in his stylings and momentum. Guest performers on The Others also include NIGHTFALL/DARK HOUND guitarist Evan Hensley and organs by Vincent Perez.

Akouphenom and La Hija Del Carroñero announce new split!

Hailing from Galiza, Spain, Akouphenom and La Hija Del Carroñero announce their new split, featuring two acts of cruelty and insanity in the form of the most hateful extreme metal.

Released in Pro Tape format, the split is limited to 66 copies and it's available via ChristFuckingChrist Records.


3-Extrema Unción
4-Acantilados de la miseria

2-Extirpando Sangre y Pus
3-No estás escuchándome... todos vais a morir!!!
5-El Fin Absoluto del Mundo
6-Addicted to the flesh

7-Augesbombt (Sodom Cover)

SACRED STEEL Streaming New Song 'Let There Be Steel'


German Heavy Metal veterans SACRED STEEL are streaming a new song from forthcoming album Heavy Metal Sacrifice. Stream "Let There Be Steel":

SACRED STEEL will release Heavy Metal Sacrifice October 14 on Cruz Del Sur Music. The album was recorded at Music Factory Studio Kempten (Germany), and was produced by Sacred Steel and Christian Schmid. The album will be available on Compact Disc (digipack edition), vinyl LP (featuring Sacred Steel's embossed logo), and digital formats. Stream the title track at this location.
The release of Heavy Metal Sacrifice will be a celebratory event marking the group's 20th anniversary, offering fans SACRED STEEL's most compelling album yet. Featuring highlights "Let There Be Steel," "Hail The Godz Of War," "Children Of The Sky," and the title track, SACRED STEEL sets in motion a war machine that will crush all enemies of true heavy metal!

Pre-order CD and Vinyl from the Cruz Del Sur Music Store.

"Draw up a sword-wielding, tried-and-true, un-budgeable classic metal band and what you get is Sacred Steel."
- Dead Rhetoric

"The songs of Sacred Steel are full of hooks and engaging surprises."
- Sea of Tranquility

"Another chapter of solid, uncompromising and memorable heavy metal."
 - Dutch MetalManiac

The band has already announced a round of shows to accompany the release of the album. Confirmed dates are as follows:

10.15.2016 - 20 years of Sacred Steel Festival & Heavy Metal Sacrifice Record Release Party with SACRED STEEL, TANKARD, STALLION, TRAGEDY DIVINE (Reunion Gig), and SEPTAGON
Ludwigsburg (GER) - Scala

10.21.2016 - Vienna (A) - Escape

10.22.2016 - Phantoms of Pilsen - Pilsen (CZ)

11.12.2016 - Burn This Town Festival with ROSAE CRUCIS, HAMMER KING, BATTLE RAM, and GRAAL
Rome (IT) -  Traffic Club

1.13.2017 - Hamburg (GER)  - Bambi Galore

Abysmal Grief celebrate 20 years of activity with new release

Purveyors of some of the finest and most cursed Doom Metal, Italy's own Abysmal Grief returns from the shady graveyard to celebrate their 20 years.

TERROR FROM HELL Recs is proud to release on November 2nd, 2016 this luxurious relic containing: “Reveal Nothing...” CD with all the songs from their singles, splits and 7” , including one new unreleased track “Cursed Be The Rite”; the “Mors Te Audit” tape (the infamous second demotape, originally released on a limited edition of 13 pieces, presented with the same cover and layout); metal pin with Abysmal Grief sigil; exclusive poster; t-shirt exclusively designed for this release … and cemetery soil.
All these doomed hymns and devotional items are housed in a wooden box strictly limited to 100 pieces. A lugubrious journey from the band's earlier steps into the misty sepulchre in late 90s until 2012. Those who already owns the original items released back then and those who doesn't will be both pleased with such release, which celebrate twenty years of Occult Italian Sound.


1. Cursed Be The Rite (Bonus Track – recorded in 2016)
2. Exsequia Occulta (2000 – Exsequia Occulta MCD)
3. Sepulchre Of Misfotune(2000 – Exsequia Occulta MCD)
4. Hearse (2002 – Hearse 7”EP)
5. Borgo Pass (2002 – Hearse 7”EP)
6. Creatures From The Grave (2004 – Split W/Tony Tears 7”EP)
7. Brides Of The Goat (2009 – Split W/Denial Of God 7”EP)
8. The Samhain Feast (2009 – The Smhain Feast 7”EP)
9. Grimorium Verum (2009 – The Smhain Feast 7”EP)
10. Celebrate What They Fear (2012 – Celebrate What They Fear 7”EP)

11. Chains Of Death (2012 – Celebrate What They Fear 7”EP)

CRIS LUNA reveal details on upcoming album 'Phoenix'

“Phoenix”, the latest album from CRIS LUNA is currently scheduled to be released on November 1st, 2016. The album reaches deep in CRIS’s teenage years.

The album’s style aims to be more empowered and more rock than ever before.It reaches into the past, present and the future to bring out an ageless and unencumbered sound, which can be described as CRIS LUNA’s sound. CRIS found himself strongly influenced by the New-Wave, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music from the United Kingdom and the USA, which were sweeping thru Europe during the "Eighties". CRIS’s first LP is called "Babylon Child”.

It offers a multifaceted style ranging from Rock, Progressive Rock and Post Rock. CRIS will have to wait until May 2014 and the release of the 2nd LP "Maëlstrohm"(produced in collaboration with Laurent Lepagneau (Ange)), before being recognized and greeted by rock critics in France and Belgium. Indeed, this second album is a true success. This loud and “in-your-face” acoustic storm that makes-up the album, blends Punk Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock and Garage music. "Rock & Folk" magazine quickly recognizes the album as one of the best self-produced Rock album in the hexagon that year.

Out on November 1, 2016

Tracklist :
1. Phoenix
2. Bloody Fangs
3. Neither Here Nor There
4. Lana
5. Love And Hate
6. Heavy Metal Kid
7. Play Me Over
8. There Will Be Love
9. Lords Of Luna
10. American Boy
11. Exit
12. F... Me I'm A Banker 
 Listen first single Bloody Fangs:

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